Echo-Translink Systems (ETS) takes its roots from
well-known international freight forwarding
agency, Echo International, which was
successfully established in Seattle back in 1996 by
a group of individuals who understood the
importance of "niche markets".

The group's activities were customized in parallel
with the growing community of Transpacific
enteprisers involved in various commodity trading
activities between countries on both sides of the
Pacific Ocean.

As a preferred logistics provider, Echo soon
became a starting point for many "small to
medium" size enterprisers or as its motto
proclaimed "The lighthouse in the raging sea of

Services offered to the customers are ranging
from global freight forwarding to complex freight
management operations and consulting.

By providing one point of contact in USA to
US-based and Canadian-based importers and
exporters conducting business with
Asia-Pacific countries and Europe, Echo soon
became the leader in mainstream cargo and
specialized perishable logistics with
"around the clock" operations across the Pacific
and Atlantic.
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